Consulting for Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing

Did you know that a crowdfunding campaign might just be the best PR you’ve ever had? Imagine a line up of customers at your door based on a successful crowdfunding campaign that brought awareness and ‘buy in’ to your brand.

Case Global Media Inc. at has partnered with FunditTV to provide you the social marketing and media exposure you need to have a campaign that reaches your intended audience and gets you funded.

We can show you how to use social and video marketing effectively. We’ll design a custom campaign before, during and after your crowd funding campaign. Learn how to access the ‘power of the crowd’ to back your story.

Consult with FunditTV Founder Joy Case – $ 60  / hour


Text:  604.612.1708

We have a full service model from consulting, to campaign design, prep, video production, marketing and campaigning on our partner platform or a platform of your choice. Part of our service involves helping you choose the best platform for your pre-sale, product or service.

If you work with FunditTV on your campaign management, the cost of consulting is reduced by 50%.

On Marketing 3.0 (please follow the links) …

Seven Spiritual Laws of Brand Marketing

Why & How of Video Marketing

Crowdfunding Applications

Crowd Power for Community

Please sign our Petition to Advocate for Equity Crowdfunding in Canada (click here)

  1. Brilliant service….

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